Concerning news for bar guilds and other nonprofits

The NY Times recently published a piece about how an estimated 1/5-1/4 of the nations nonprofit groups may lose their nonprofit status as of May 15. While most of the bar guilds I’m aware of with the exception of the USBG are relatively recent to the scene, it seems that the IRS is imposing rather onerous filing requirements for all nonprofit groups now. While some groups may not face these new sanctions for a couple of years, its frustrating to see the government make it harder for these groups to operate. Bar Guilds and other such groups play an important part in the resurgence of cocktail culture in America. Bartending is a craft that must regulate itself, and now that groups are appearing dedicated to raising awareness of the craft and creating new standards, the potential for them to lose their nonprofit status due to IRS regulators is sad. The tax code is already challenging enough for people without adding onerous filing requirements for groups that may not have the expertise or resources to comply. Lets hope the IRS comes to its senses soon and realizes the negative impact actions like this have on the variety of small nonprofits benefiting all segments of American culture.

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