Skyy aquires Anchor Brewing

In rather unexpected news, Fritz Maytag has sold Anchor Brewing to Skyy Spirits. I don’t know whether Anchor Distilling is included in the deal (I’m guessing that it is), and while the San Jose Mercury News takes a negative view of the deal, I actually think Skyy is a perfect fit for Anchor. I’m curious to see whether the Anchor spirits become more national brands or fade into obscurity. If I had to guess, I take a gamble that Skyy has big plans for the entire Anchor portfolio. Why waste great assets?

I expect a lot more consolidation (as if there isn’t a ton already) within the industry this year. My best guess is that a major whiskey company (think North American whiskies) will merge with a large, privately held liquor company with operations in the Caribbean and no North American whiskies in their portfolio sooner rather than later. It makes strategic sense and will give the new combined companies a more complete portfolio to take on the likes of Diageo. Who do you see as the next companies likely to be sold or merge?

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