Wine Riot NYC 9/23 & 9/24

Those of you that know me well know I have two great loves. Wine and spirits. I’m always amazed at the differences between the two worlds. With spirits, I love the camaraderie, the openness and the approachability of people. Go to BourbonFest or visit the Jameson or Midleton distilleries in Ireland and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The wine world is different though. I love winemakers, I love wine and I love the whole learning process. Unfortunately, about 1 in every 8 people I meet in the world of wine is a complete dickhead. I’ve never understood the snobbery surrounding wine, and to be quite frank, the best thing about wine for me is being able to share that experience with others. So its one of my missions in life to make wine far more accessible to people and reduce the stress and tension around something as simple as fermented grape juice. Of course, my other mission in the world of wine is to torture wine snobs as much as I can. Sorry, it may not sound like a noble mission, but goddamnit its mine.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Later this month, Wine Riot is happening in Brooklyn and its exactly what the wine world needs. A dose of reality and approachability designed to let people enjoy wine in a cool environment. And, its 250 wines! On to the press release! Wish I could be there but I’ve got prior commitments. Still, I’d love to hear how this event goes and Portland definintely could use a Wine Riot. Just remember, don’t be a dickhead about wine and have fun at this event people.

Second Glass Starts Wine Riot in NYC!Brooklyn, Get Ready to Riot!

After three years of selling out events in Boston, Wine Riot is rolling into NYC at the Skylight One Hanson in Brooklyn on September 23rd and 24th to bring the most unpretentious wine event to the young people of New York. Second Glass’s Wine Riot is not your parents wine tasting event! Wine Riot offerings will include: One Price. Limitless Drinks: The ticket price includes unlimited samplings of the 250 different wines at the event. Second Glass Mobile App: This app allows you to mark the wines with “Like it” or “Love it” on your phone so you’ll actually remember what you drank the morning after.Photo Booth: After a couple hours of cruising the wine booths, the idea of putting on a silly hat and posing for the camera with your friends will sound brilliant. Wine Riot Intelligence Unit: Keep an eye out for the people in the bright green t-shirts marked “Wine Expert” and ask them any and all questions about the wine(s) you’re drinking.

 Food Pairings: What’s wine tasting without pairings? Munch on Luke’s Lobster (for a few extra bucks), Cabot Cheese, Taza Chocolate and more.  We have you covered in the education department as well, with free, 20-minute Crash Course Wine Seminars. Get the inside scoop straight from the winemaker, Gloria Ferrer, who’s flying in just for the New York Riot! By the end of the Riot, you will walk out with a new list of favorite wines all stored on your phone and perhaps a new neck tattoo! We don’t think your parents can say that about their trip to Napa.  Ticket Information: Prices for Wine Riot are only $50 – $60! For tickets visit:

 About Second Glass
 Second Glass helps people discover new wines, remember what they drink and share that info with their friends. We bring wineries and wine drinkers together through technology and in-person events across the nation. Second Glass develops online and mobile tools for both wine consumers and wine producers. We host Wine Riot, a huge, innovative and interactive wine event in five cities across the US. Second Glass makes wine easier to understand and even more fun to enjoy, all with the goal of getting people to drink more wine. Visit to see what it’s all about.

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